God, I am evil

Before you read this, let me reiterate that I wish Obama all the best, even if I vehemently disagree with him, and do not think he is the best thing for the country. I do NOT wish he’s dead, and could give a rat fuck that he’s black… still, I think this is hilarious.

From a conversation I had with Kalis:

brenatevi says:
how long before the first assassination attempt?
Kalis says:
Kalis says:
Theres already been one
brenatevi says:
no, I’m talking a serious attempt
brenatevi says:
that was like two guys and a parrot
Kalis says:
brenatevi says:
and the parrot was the mastermind
Kalis says:
thats what they say the oklahoma city bombing was done by
Kalis says:
2 guys and a parrot
brenatevi says:
“Polly wants to kill a nigger”

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