Waiting to vote

Thankfully, this election season is almost over and I will not have anymore Obama supporters knock on my door, although I will admit to having fun giving one set of door knockers both barrels of my political lunacy. Nothing like giving a complete stranger a piece of my mind and not feeling guilty about it at all.

And there is a guy standing next to me that has a Democratic party “cheat sheet.” God, talk about pitiful. I actually did some research last night, and made up my own goddamned mind. Granted, from the looks of it, I’m going to be voting mainly Republican, even though there is a Libertarian on the ballot for my precint’s House seat; what can I say? Some of his stances I find silly. Be friendly with all foreign nations? Dear God, that’s like a kid taking candy from strangers; you’re just asking for trouble. He’s also a strict Constitutionalist, something else that just isn’t realistic. So Republican it is. Unless Bob Barr is on the ballot, but from what I’ve been reading, it isn’t looking good (a point of failure is that I forgot to look.)

Any ways, the Democrats are slavering about getting control of the House and Senate. They might get the trifecta. Not that is as great as they might think; Kennedy and Clinton both had the trifecta and still had problems passing bills. God bless contrarinism. Like I’ve said no new laws passed is a good thing to me.

One last thing before I go and pull the handle: if he wins, Obama better thank Bush for preceding him; he was running against Bush more than McCain.

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