Alexander – The Cover

Co-blogged by Josh (again)

Since our “critique” of “In the King’s Name” (or is it “In the Name of the King?” The movie was so bad that I can’t even get title right; while my brain drenched acid on those memories, Josh had the title acid etched in mind… poor bugger.) Uh, point please? OK, since King’s Name… err, In the Name of the… Ah fuck it. Since the critique of K-Shit was such a rip roaring success (and I consider 22 views in one day a good thing,) we decided to dismantle a different movie (I was going to say rape, but you can’t rape the willing… YES! Another Hell Point for me! At this rate we’ll have taken over Hell.) So we went looking for another unworthy movie (Rotten Tomatoes’s search engine blows cock.)

And speaking of cock, have you seen Alexander’s movie cover? Is it just us, or is his mouth disproportional? Doesn’t he look like a Hoover? And it’s made worse by the handlebars and guide rails for a helmet. I mean he has a French Tickler sticking out of it! And it’s in WIDESCREEN, for your viewing pleasure. *ahem*

Josh and Jeremy’s Hell Points to date: 66 (we’re aiming for 666, but it’s good start.)

[No, we’re not counting the rest of Jeremy’s blog… NO ONE has that much time on their hands.]

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