Adding another level of difficulty..

I can be a stubborn, bloody minded bastard. And I nearly got into a wreck because of it.


1) 4 (maybe 5) hours of sleep yesterday.

2) I still ride my motorcycle into work, even lacking sleep.

3) 12 hours of mind-numbingly boring work.

4) I go home a different way, which takes me near campus.

5) Female joggers.

6) Not only a stoplight, but also an almost blind curve.

I think we can see where that is going. The bouncing boobies distracted me, and since I was exhausted, my mind’s self-control didn’t snap my attention back as fast as it could have. Thank God there were no cars sitting at the stoplight, or I would have been playing the trunk conga with my head.

For a further demonstration of how addled brain I was, I was thinking this new route would have been safer. God save me from myself.

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