Taking advantage of failure

There’s so much wrong with this, that I don’t know where to start.

Some people might think that my first problem is that a 15 year old boy is dressing as a girl. They’d be wrong. I’m a libertarian, therefor I could care less how anyone dresses. If I had ran into this person in real life, I probably would have had a “Wait, was that…?” moment, but I wouldn’t have made fun of him if I had talked to him. I probably would have just smiled politely while thinking “This is weird, and ye gods I better watch what I say.” Might seem odd, considering the tone of this blog, but I’m am not an inconsiderate asshole in public, and I am very aware of the affect that my words have on other people; reading body language was requisite for me growing up. Having a bit of courtesy face to face makes life easier for everyone, and while I might use words that people might find “hateful,” I’ll admit that its probably wrong, but the best word I could think of at the time.

No, my first and biggest problem is the fact that the family was suing the school district for something they should have been in control of; he was their son, so why didn’t they tell him what to wear? And then I finished the article, and was left even more bewildered by their case:

King was a ward of the court and living at a shelter for abused, neglected and emotionally troubled children at the time of the shooting.

And THAT is what makes the whole thing feel like a money grab. Not to belittle the family’s pain and suffering, but that line there proves to me that they have written off their own child any ways. He wasn’t even living with them! If they could have handled his unique situation, he would not have been living as a ward of the state.

My second problem isn’t as easily stated, because it’s rooted in two conflicting impulses. The first is the need for conventions, like having a dress code for the school district, while the other is based out of my “closet anarchism.” So how do you make nice between “wanting to burn the rule book” and “the rule book is all that is important?” It’s not an easy thing to balance those two impulses, and both are very important in making the world work right. And this case is an example, with the school system letting him flaunt the rules, although I’m kind of curious how much the rule book says about males dressing like females. I’m will to give you good odds it isn’t covered in great length. Since this probably will be the last we hear of this, I will never know (and I have better things to do with my time than read through a school district’s manuals… not with Rogue Squadron, more writing, and getting ahead of my upcoming Accounting class beckoning… OK, the rule book would be more entertaining than the accounting class.)

The last thing is the boy they brought up on charges… I’m only going to mention hate crimes… nope not going to rant about THAT, not when I’ve already done so. I’m also curious about the him being tried as an adult and the reasons for pleading not guilty. And gods forbid that he get the death penalty. Any one want to take bets the ACLU defends him if that happens? No. Chickens.

All in all, this case is a rat fuck. And the poor boy at the heart of it all never really had the chance to figure out what he really wanted, and worse, will be forgotten before its all over. Such is life.

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