“I’m not sick but I’m not well”

The other title I was thinking about use was “I feel like the ass-end of a hyena” but that isn’t exactly true. I don’t feel sick, but I sure as hell don’t feel well. I fell asleep about 8am (a bit “early” for for me, after 9am is the norm) and woke up at 2pm, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay early for me. I work 3rd shift, and I stay on that schedule, because I’m even more fucked up when I try to shift back and forth. I’ve been trying to take naps all day, but it ain’t working. I end up lying there, and don’t actually fall asleep. Tried taking a walk and then a nap. Uh huh, nope. Well, shit. Not sure what to do, so I’m going to stay home, and pray to God that I’m actually not sick, because I was at my brother’s yesterday, and I really don’t want to add “Typhoid Bren” to my resume.

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