Pulling the race card – sort of

I’m going to have to go digging for the quote, but a thought just occurred to me before I started to fall asleep (I’m one of those people): Obama pulled the race card from an oblique angle when he said “McCain isn’t a racist, he’s just…” Whatever the rest of the quote was. I had the same thing said about me a while back, over Obama no less. The funny thing about saying something like that is that you might not have been thinking McCain and racism in the same sentence, until that phrase was used. Then all of a sudden, you are looking at all of his comments, just digging for racial subtexts. Good job Obama on pulling your punch. Next thing you know, he’ll be commenting that anyone that doesn’t vote for isn’t racist, just a bunch of ignorant hicks (oops, he’s pretty much said this… ugh, I can’t wait for the election to be over.)

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