Manipulation at its finest.

Because, you know, polygamy is bad.

We all are manipluated everyday, a lot of times we realize it, but most of the time we have no clue. I’m not defending those gentlemen, because if they are guilty, then they need a nice long trip to prison (or short trip, because one of the fine individuals that will share the correctional institution with them will take exception at them, and decide to remedy the defect in the genetic population… see? I can do political correctness too.)

No, what annoys me about that headline is the mention of Polygamy, as if it defined FLDS and was the problem with that sect. I imagine that most polygamous marriages have nothing to do with what effectively amounts to slavery and rape. Yet, every news item I’ve seen has mentioned polygamy when referencing FLDS, as if they can’t let go of the fact that they wanted more than one wife. So instead, they reinforce the prejudice against a practice that is thousands of years old by constantly associating with the truly heinous crimes of rape and slavery.

(Side-note, I felt about as enthusiatic writing about this as a puppy getting snipped, and I’m sure it shows. I think it’s not getting enough sleep that’s dragging me down.)

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