Wait. What?

So I was looking at my blog stats, because it strokes my ego everytime someone clicks on my blog. I swear that I must have some feline DNA in me, “Pay attention to me, damn it!” And imagine my, ahem, surprise when I see that one of the search terms listed was “climate change doesn’t exist.” Whoa there, hold your horses. I know that I’ve dogged Anthropogenic Global Warming. Actually, I dog those that believe in AGW.

I know that climate change exists, beyond a shadow of a doubt (and for me to say that, considering I’m a skeptic, says a lot.) There are too many historical records that show that are long stretches where the weather was one way, and then changes to something else for another long stretch. There’s evidence that the Sahara Desert was once much wetter than it is today. So yeah, weather patterns change, therefor climates change.

Ah, but if you read that page, you discover my problem:

Global warming and poor farming methods have been given as possible causes.

Now we know all know what they mean by that, as evident by adding “poor farming methods” to that comment. “Humans have fucked up the world,” is what they are trying to say. I know that humanity has screwed up, not doing things in the best, most efficient way, and therefor has caused themselves a lot of suffering. Yet, on the other hand, Mother Nature has also done more than its fair share of damage. So to attribute any and every change in climate to “human fault” is disingenuous at best, self hatred at worst. I’ve seen the end results of self-hatred, and it is never pretty.

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