On Sins and slacking

Some ways, this blog writes itself, as a trip to Foxnews and a bit of ruminating tend to be enough for me to post something. Unless something shiny grabs my attention. Last night my coworker “coerced” me into playing a couple games of Sins of a Solar Empire, and all of my rant juices were thrown into beating some AIs into submission. The first game, we beat the enemy easily, which wasn’t fun. The second game, we were thrashed like red-headed step children, and one of the more strangely entertaining things I’ve ever done was steal into the night with my four capital ships, leaving my poor people to deal with the onslaught of my next door neighbor. And this was just after I raped and pillaged another neighbor. Karma is a bitch, isn’t she? I had the chance for a peace treaty, and I laughed it off. Should have taken it.

So yeah, I slacked last night, will slack again tonight (might get some writing done as I wait for my forces to grind the enemy into the dust.)

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