“Under the Sea”

I’m surprised it wasn’t yellow.

Why do we bother?  Before I get into this full scale, I’m going to say I have never touched illegal drugs, and probably never will.  I’ve drank maybe six (6) times in my entire life, I’ve smoked exactly one cigar, and the strongest drug I’ve taken is Ambien CR.  Hell, I  rarely touch caffein anymore (see previous post about kidney stones… Doc said “No more caffein,” and I was like “Yessir.”  He’s probably never had such a compliant patient.  You try going through that hell 5 times, and see what you would give up to make it stop.)  Oh yeah, I’m living the high life. Ha ha ha.  I’ve never had a use for them, because quite frankly, I’m high strung enough without adding an illegal stimulant into my system.  And forget marijuana.  I don’t think the world is ready for how strange I would be under that influence.  Yeah, I think it’s best for the world that I stay on the straight and narrow.

But that doesn’t mean I think the world should stay to the straight and narrow (see previous post about midlife crisis.)  In my opinion, as long as you stay out of sight and don’t endanger anyone else, if you want to get cranked, have fun.  It is none of my business, and shouldn’t be the government’s business either.

“Well, duh, you’re a libertarian. It goes without saying you’d think that.”

It goes much deeper than that though.  Think real hard about the submarine, and what it signifies.  Take a look at the related articles, and then stop and think: the “war on drugs” has been going on for thirty plus years.  At this point, do you really think they are going to go away?  Do you really think that we can win this war?  Have you really thought about the cost this “war” has had on our society?  We have small sheriff’s departments armed like militias.  Mexico is have a shit of a time because the drugs come through them to the Great Consumer, the United States of America.

Of course “we” aren’t going to give up on that tired old war.  There is too much money, too much time, too many lives involved to “surrender” now.  And the drug lords rub their hands gleefully, buying off politicians, killing off cops, taking over entire border towns, and raking in the tens of millions.  Why does anyone think that they are going to give it up?  And if they did, why does anyone think that there won’t be someone else to take their spot?  There is too much power there, and that sort of power draws those that would be tyrants, except that its much, much easier to be a drug lord.

With over 2 million people in prison, I think we better figure something out./a>  (An interesting website, as long as you don’t mind having Climate Change shoved down your throat; the only thing that makes it tolerable is that its at the bottom of the website.)

On another note, is this really surprising?  The people exist for the system in China, not the system for the people.  Of course, the Chinese are going to be authoritarian about it.It’s an entrenched part of their culture.

*grumbles* Serves as a lesson that I really, REALLY need to preview before I publish. *grumbles

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