On mid-life crisis and Dark Knight

soooo… I got a motorcycle. First long drive to anywhere particular tonight. I got home just before night. And now I’m at the midnight showing of Dark Knight… For those of you unfamiliar with the details, I’m 32 as of this post, and I live just off a college campus. So yeah, I’m probably the oldest person in the theater right now. Nooo, not complaining by a longshot. Just stating a fact as I watch twenty year old hotties in very short dresses parade in front of me, probably oblivious of my creaking libido (it’s not that bad; I have more control over myself than that.) That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the view. I’m a leherous old man, of course I’m digging it.

So between the hotties and the motorcycle, there have been claims that I’m going through a mid-life crisis. “I’m getting it out of the way early,” is my retort to which everyone laughs, but as I ponder the meaning of “mid-life crisis,” to whom is it a crisis? I don’t think I’m going through a crisis; I’ve simply got tired of waiting for life. I’m tired of sitting in my box, waiting for others to tell me what to think, feel, say. So why is this a crisis? To me it means that I’m getting me life together and actually doing something I want today, and not waiting for tomorrow. Why is this a bad thing? We have only so many todays, and tomorrow is a phantom we’re always chasing, as if we can catch it. If I wait, that tomorrow might never come.

My adopted sister and I had a conversation a month or so ago. She was worried about her parents because they bought motorcycles, and they might into accidents, yada, yada. I responded, “They aren’t going through a midlife crisis, you are.” She couldn’t handle the changes they were making in their lives, and wanted them to play it safe for her comfort. I understand, but that is no excuse for her to worry. They could just as easily get killed driving in their SUV (OK maybe not.)

Society expects us to stay in our boxes, to not strive or change. Fuck that. I have one life to live, and I’ve wasted a nice chunk of it already.


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