Race matters why?

Between my mother and this woman I’m having a hard time deciding which I want to deride the worst. I got to listen to almost an hour of racial ranting (and my mother’s so-very-interesting take on what will happen when Obama takes office) and I heard “nigger” used enough times that I thought I was sitting next to an *ahem* African-American comedian. The whole “conversation” prompted me to write a post on Racism, but it was about as funny as a razor-wire enema (I’ve been waiting to use that phrase.) In fact most of it was about how bullied I was in Junior High (Cry me a fucking river… yes, Junior High sucked, and I really, really need to get over it. Like now. Or maybe now. Ah fuck it. As my friend Buddy Friend says, “Life’s rough, wear a cup.” Stolen, yes! Originality went dead the moment Ug repeated the joke his friend Pog told him, which has been handed down the generations as being hit on the head. What can I tell ya? When you might be eaten at any moment, humor needs to be fast.)

So yeah, that post went south faster than a cheerleader on a football player. But for some ungodly reason, I kept slogging through it. I think I’m sick of hearing racism from both sides, one side spewing it, and the other side bitching and moaning about it. Ye, fucking, gods. You want to know how little race matters? When the asteroid hit 65 million years ago (give or take a hundred thousand years) it didn’t pick and choose dinosaurs to wipe out. It killed them all and let God sort them out.

So those people bitching about people of a different color/religion/sexual preference/penis size/hair do/circumcision… well, you get the idea… They are going to die the same as you. Bitching about their imperfections is like pissing napalm, it all burns in the end. (Didn’t expect that one, didya?)

And those bitching about those bitching about you *rereads last sentence and then decides fuck it* Get Over It. If they hate you, the worst thing you can do is love them back. Oh, kindness is the cruelest mistress. Don’t complain because they kick you, thank them, smile at them, and know in your heart that you’ll win in the long term. Complaining about it isn’t going to change them. Boycotts aren’t going to change them. Lawsuits isn’t going to change them. All the above do is make them resentful of your presence. Resentment leads to hell, ladies and gentlemen. So does good intentions, but what can ya do?

One of the most awesome moments I had ever seen in my entire life was when my boss Jenny brought a man to tears. Now, Sean at the time was a SIA. He was hateful, spiteful, manipulative, abrasive… all of the worst qualities in a person (this was 13 years ago, so he might have changed, don’t know, don’t care.) Now imagine being locked in a room for 8 hours a day with a SIA. Go on, think about it. Yeah, I hear your mind screaming from here.

Jenny got sick of his shit. She was as nice as could be, no matter what he said or did. I think it took two weeks, and he was a quivering mess, crying out “Go back to being the bitch you really are!” Ah, fond times. Just remember that the next time someone calls you a name, spites your race, and think “I could have this guy in a straight jacket in a couple weeks if I did this right.” Nothing like a Thorazine (or insert your favorite psychotic medicine here) drip to say “You’re an asshole.”

Yet, I haven’t really addressed this woman. You know what? I can’t think of anything even remotely entertaining about her. I feel sorry for her in fact. She can’t even get right a simple job of singing the National Anthem. What happen, did she forget the words? Hell, I can fake the National Anthem for whatever she was paid (when was the last time YOU sang it alone? Yeah, that’s what I thought.) Oh, wait, she was trying to show racial solidarity. Yeah, that’s all well and good, just don’t expect to get hired for another gig, ever. She’d probably claim racism in that, which seems to always be a convenient excuse for why your life is fucked up (along with daddy not loving me, among other whinings, which I have been as guilty as anyone… hence the ridicule earlier.)

It’s always so much easier to blame someone else than to take the responsibility of your own mistakes. ALWAYS. Yet, if you look, you can always find someone that had the same problem, and what do you know, they are successful. How in the hell did they do that? I don’t know, maybe they worked their asses off, never took no for an answer, and never gave up. Shocking, I know. But what do I know? I’m white, so I would never understand what they are going through.

*much better than what I originally wrote*

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