So I started to write about Global Warming…

… And I stopped. People that know me well (especially on the message boards) know that I can get into a furor, a good rip-roaring anger out of it… And you know what? As I started to dive into that fury, I realized that while it was still there, I didn’t care any more. *gasp* I know, shocking isn’t it? What I realized was that GW is about politics now. You can yammer and carry on that it’s about the Planet (although the planet does not give a fuck about us; all it will take is one really nasty volcano, and the entire human race will be brought to its knees) but if you look through all of the blogs, you’ll see that the dividing line is by politics. Those that want the government to rule our lives (since we do so piss poorly at managing our lives, much less the planet) side

… God, habits are hard to break… I started to write a blog about not writing a GW blog, and fell right into it. As you notice though, I left the cheap shot about socialism. I LOVE cheap shots. I’m a verbal sniper, and I feel like I’ve been a poor one. Snipers can’t get into ruts, and I have. If you can predict which way I’m coming, you’ll yawn and just blow up the building I’m climbing into. While I’m not adverse to being a verbal (or literal) target, I like having a chance. Exploding stairwells aren’t exactly what I would call having a shot.

Now that we are talking about violence, have you ever noticed that those that are supposedly aren’t about violence get the most worked up? Peacenik, have you ever thought about punching someone? It might make you feel better. Who cares if it makes you a hypocrite? I never stopped to care. 😛

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